A puzzling and perplexing video has just been added to Roadrunner Records' official site. The post depicts Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson working the vinyl to a remixed version of the staple Slipknot tracks 'Surfacing' and 'People = S--t.' No explanation has been given by Roadrunner or Slipknot, teasing fans as to the nature of what seems to be a July release.

The three-minute video is simply titled, 'Slipknot: #0 - Antennas To Hell.' The number 0 references Wilson's given digit within the band, but there is no information on what 'Antennas To Hell' refers to. Posted earlier today, the video's description only brings a vague offering: "Slipknot have released the video above. More information to come."

Is it possible that Wilson is creating an album of Slipknot remixes? This chopped up version of 'Surfacing' and 'People = S--t' is a frantic and spastic mix, which darts back and forth through parts of each track. The video itself showcases some of Wilson's most daring live antics, with massive stage dives, lighting himself on fire and even trying to beat the hell out of someone in the crowd.

At the video's climax, a simple message reads, "Antennas To Hell 07.17.12." Keep your eyes and ears open as more information about 'Antennas To Hell' is unveiled.

Update: Corey Taylor has spilled the beans on the 'Antennas To Hell' release. Click here to find out more.

Watch the  'Antennas To Hell' Teaser