By all accounts, there's a lot of interest in what the foursome of Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson, Kiko Loureiro and Chris Adler will produce, but for a segment of Megadeth fans there will always be the wish that the Rust in Peace lineup of the band could have reunited. It almost happened late last year, but ultimately things did not work out to bring drummer Nick Menza and guitarist Marty Friedman back to the band.

During a recent podcast, journalist Mitch Lafon spoke with Menza as well as current Megadeth bassist David Ellefson about the situation. Menza reveals that the intent was good, but the execution of completing the reunion was lacking. He stated, "I tried to make it happen by all my means and efforts, I tried to make it go down, but they just didn't wanna show me any love at all, is really what it boils down. You know, I don't need to do this. I wanted to."

The drummer reveals his disappointment that it didn't happen, but ultimately the lack of a contract was the breaking point. "We should have done an album this time. I was ready. I was out there recording with Dave, new songs, and we played a bunch of old songs for a weekend in San Diego, and then no agreement was put on the table for me -- nothing in writing. I'm, like, 'Dude, I'm not coming back until you give me a contract and some kind of agreement here.' And they wouldn't produce that."

As for Ellefson, he recently stated that he played "bad cop" in the talks and felt that they had given it every opportunity to work. He adds, "It's like, we had a lot of laughs and it was fun, but I think Dave and I felt right away that musically… We weren’t convinced that it was the next chapter of Megadeth. And to go back and just do a cash grab, it would be short-lived, and I think our fans… Again, the transparency of the metal fans… They would know right away."

Megadeth have been teasing the arrival of new music over this past week. Stay tuned for something coming soon.

Check out Mitch Lafon's One on One podcast with both Menza and Ellefson, as well as former Megadeth member Chris Poland, in the player below.

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