Motley Crue have called it a career, drawing up a legal document that would keep them from reuniting after "The Final Tour." From the sound of things, the timing was right to wrap things up even though the four members are turning their creative efforts to other projects. In a rather frank interview with Classic Rock magazine, bassist Nikki Sixx reveals that things had gotten a little stale creatively.

Sixx reveals that the band members had shot a number of interviews in the lead up to their final dates that will be part of a docu-series, and he states that their discussions are an honest look of where things were at for the band.

“It’s interesting, because we talk about each other in a way that’s endearing – but not," says Sixx. "We say where we’re really at. We talk about the drama and the pain of being in a band that has ceased to run on creativity, just on pure, mechanical motions."

He also states that the band refused to write new songs for their upcoming biopic, The Dirt. “If it comes down to, ‘Well, you have a movie, you need to write music,’ I’m like, ‘Sorry, but that’s cheap. We don’t want to go, ‘We have to write a song for marketing.’ I want to write music because it’s real. There’s not a relationship there. Let it die gracefully. We couldn’t be creative as a band, so how the hell can we continue?”

Sixx is fully engrossed in two new albums coming from his other band Sixx: A.M. and a lengthy tour schedule ahead. As for the Crue, he concludes, "I want to just leave it intact. We said what we had to say. I’m proud of what we did -- I don’t want to disgrace it by being cheap."

Even though Motley Crue are done touring, fans can still look forward to a film centered on the band's final show, which took place on New Year's Eve in Los Angeles. A trailer for the film can be seen here. As for The Dirt biopic, Vince Neil stated back in December that the group was eyeing a summer 2016 release.

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