It's the gurus of grunge meeting up with the "King of Pop" in this truly inspired mash-up, as Mark Vidler and U.K. outfit Go Home Productions adeptly link Nirvana's gritty classic 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' with Michael Jackson's squeaky clean, 'Rockin' Robin,' a song the pop star recorded for his first solo album but also performed with the Jackson 5. While it's something you probably never envisioned in a million years, there's no denying the incredible catchiness of this pairing.

This mash-up utilizes 'Rockin' Robin's' bass, horn, and whistle effects to provide the background while Kurt Cobain's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' vocals seem a tad sped up to match the rhythm. Still, with Jackson chirping and Cobain yeah-ing, 'Smells Like Rockin' Robin' gives us a mash-up classic guaranteed to be stuck in your head.


Listen to Nirvana Vs. Michael Jackson's 'Smells Like Rockin' Robin'