Congrats are in order for one of rock's longtime couples, as guitar great Nita Strauss and her drummer Josh Villalta (aka Josh V.) are now officially engaged. Villalta dropped to one knee and did the proposing in front of the audience during the record release party for Strauss' new album The Call of The Void Thursday night (July 6) in Los Angeles.

Photos and video of the happy moment, both onstage and backstage at the legendary Whisky-a-go-go, were shared on Facebook through Sumerian Records' Vice President & Radio Promotions honcho Mike Jakubow, who noted, "Nita Strauss Record Release Party .... more than that ... it turned into an engagement party! Congrats @hurricanenita and @thejoshv on everything. Such an honor to share in your amazing moments. Truly."

Jakubow then hashtagged the post with #nitastrauss #thecallofthevoid #recordreleaseparty #engagementparty #sumerianrecords #thewhiskyagogo @thewhiskyagogo @sumerianrecords. See the posting, along with a video of the specific proposal moment onstage, below.

The exact year the couple started dating is unknown, but Strauss made note of their January 12 anniversary date in a 2021 social media posting, proclaiming her love for Josh V. on their anniversary.

"One of the many ways that @thejoshv and I differ is that Josh is never satisfied with the way things are- he’s always, ALWAYS thinking about the next move. (After I played Wrestlemania, and we finally made it to our hotel room, I was giddy and bouncing around and he was quiet. When I asked why so quiet, he said pensively, with the New Orleans superdome bright in our hotel window, 'I’m just trying to think how we can top this.') The world is playing checkers, and Josh is playing chess," she explained.

"So 2020 continued, and the pandemic hit. All our plans went out the window. But thanks to Josh always thinking a step ahead, we were ready. In the most difficult time of all our lives, we were as prepared as we could have been. And to me... THAT is a great partner," she added, then dropping a bunch of superlatives.

"Yes- he’s strong, brilliant, creative, brave, and he makes me laugh, which are all qualities that I cherish in him. But maybe more importantly- he protects me and our little family at all costs. He pushes me even when I don’t want to be pushed, and every time it makes me better. I love to watch his amazing ideas come to life, whether I’m the one executing them or he is. I can’t wait until you guys get to hear the music he’s working on. It’s truly something else to watch these songs come to life. We’ve made some big moves lately, and our journey isn’t the easiest one, but there’s no one I’d rather be on it with. Us against the world. I love you baby! Happy anniversary!"

As stated, the engagement comes at one of the biggest moments in Strauss' career as her new album The Call of the Void arrives. It features a who's who of great rock vocalists joining Nita, including David Draiman, Lzzy Hale, Dorothy, Anders Friden, Alissa White-Gluz, Chris Motionless and Lilith Czar, as well as Nita's longtime bandmate Alice Cooper. Guitarist Marty Friedman also makes a guest turn on the new record. You can get the album streaming here and find physical versions via her webstore. Strauss also just dropped a new video for "Digital Bullets" with Chris Motionless that can be viewed below.

Nita Strauss (Featuring Chris Motionless), "Digital Bullets"

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Strauss is also touring in support of the record, with dates in Las Vegas and Phoenix this weekend and shows continuing through July 14 on the current leg.

Loudwire sends our congrats to Nita Strauss and Josh V. on their engagement.

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