Earlier this year, NOFX bandleader "Fat" Mike Burkett revealed his plans to disband the veteran California punk rock band in 2023. Later, he extended that estimate to 2024. Now, Fat Mike has shaved part of his head for a young TikTok influencer's video.

The NOFX singer and bassist happened across the influencer named Joshua at Universal Studios. There, Joshua was challenging people who walked by to shave part of their heads for a chance to win money. Fat Mike was all in — he got part of his head shaved and won the cash!

Watch the video toward the bottom of this post.

"At Universal Studios today, some kid offered me a chance to win $100 to shave a part of my head," Fat Mike captioned the clip on Instagram. "Of course, I did it! And I won $100!"

Fat Mike also evidently beat the influencer, @kingkidjoshua, in sharing the result on social media. As of this writing, the video seemingly doesn't yet appear on Joshua's TikTok page.

Earlier this month, Fat Mike explained his reasons for disbanding NOFX. "I don't enjoy it like I used to," he told Louder. "If I don't get loaded, I really don't want to do it. I don't need to be onstage hearing people applaud and dance. I don't need that. Some people are addicted to that."

Fat Mike added, "I've started doing stand-up comedy and I like that way better, in front of 30 people. And writing music. I've been writing [string] quartets, which I really enjoy, and writing for other people. I have another band called the Codefendants, which is really exciting to me."

Plus, "40 years is a fucking long time to be in a band."

The NOFX figurehead echoed those same sentiments to Spin. "I just don't enjoy it like I used to," Fat Mike relayed. "But we are all excited about playing our final shows."

He explained, "We're going into 2024. It will be our absolute final tour. … We're going to play every album we've ever recorded. … We'll have been a band for 40 years with all original members, and we're going to play 40 cities. Every show, we're going to play 40 different songs. It's just a whole bunch of cool things."

Dec. 2 saw the release of NOFX's Double Album. It was previewed with the release of "Darby Crashing Your Party" in September; "Punk Rock Cliché" emerged in November. The related Single Album arrived in 2021. Stay tuned for NOFX's final tour dates.

Watch NOFX's Fat Mike Shave Part of His Head for a TikTok Influencer's Video - Dec. 18, 2022

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