Australian metalcore outfit Northlane have spent a majority of the year touring around the world in support of their latest disc ‘Singularity.’ Loudwire managed to get a few minutes to chat with frontman Adrian Fitipaldes who spoke about scientific and musical elements of ‘Singularity.’ He also talked about plans for their forthcoming third studio disc and much more. Check out our interview with Northlane frontman Adrian Fitipaldes below:

Northlane have toured with many different bands. Is there a band out there you would love to tour with that you haven’t hit the road with yet?

I wish this band was still around, they’ve broken up now -- Underoath if they were still together I would have loved to tour with them. Deftones for sure. Wait, we’ve already played with them but it was a festival it wasn’t a bro-down everyday sort of thing. Maybe Linkin Park, I’d like to think it’s a realistic goal.

The latest album ‘Singularity,' what significance does the name of the title hold to you?

It kind of has a double meaning but traditionally the word singularity refers to a point in history where humans have reached an evolutionary point. A lot of people raise questions about it, a lot of people talk about artificial intelligence and time travel. It would be really hard to understand what life would be like or what we would consider or define to be human.

Singularity is also a word scientists use to describe cosmic events like the big bang which is what literally birthed the universe itself according to our understanding of science. It’s really hard to wrap your head around those things like where the universe came from. The reason I used that as the title is because I wanted to adopt that metaphor and use it as a metaphor for what our album would be -- something that people couldn’t wrap their heads around, something people couldn’t quite understand or was beyond comprehension. We are always striving to create music that is different, out of the box and makes people think.

What an interesting take on this! Have you always been so interested with science?

Maybe not science in particular but I’ve always been fascinated with space, definitely astronomy, cosmology and things like that. I’m a big fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson who’s a big astrophysicist. He tries to condense big scientific ideas into words that the public will understand. I read a lot and I love watching documentaries. I’m a bit of a closet nerd when it comes to that stuff. I don’t think it’s nerdish. I just think it’s interesting.

How was the overall creative and recording process of ‘Singularity’ for you?

It was quite hectic to be honest with you. We were told that really the only option we had as far as the cycle was to go to Canada for a tour we did and then directly after go to the Machine Shop in Jersey to record our album. We were told maybe a month before we left for the tour. The reason we did it was it would have cost too much money to fly to Canada, fly home and then fly back to the States so we had to knock out two birds with one stone.

Jon [Deiley] our guitarist and our drummer Nic [Pettersen] who are the main songwriters of the band were under the gun, on deadline a little. When we left for tour we only had a handful of songs written, then throughout the tour we managed to finish about four or five of these tracks and then when we hit the studio we had just over half an album to write. Within about four days Nic and Jon finished the rest of the album because we couldn’t start recording until the album was done. I’m very proud of the boys for the musicianship and workmanship they showed under that type of pressure.

Something I like saying is that people work well under pressure, I think when people are forced to work under extreme circumstances it can tend to produce the best results. Bringing it back to science, when organisms are stressed and they're forced to adapt and change, it’s the ones that can adapt and survive that are the ones that will proliferate and live on. Everything went the way it did and I’m really proud of the record and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What are your future aspirations for Northlane?

Continuing to tour. I’d like to see more of the world as well like Asia, seeing more of America, visiting South America because that’s where my parents are from. I’ve been to South America with my family when I was young but I would like to tour there with the band. I can speak Spanish so I would just have the time of my life, my family is from Uruguay. Once we go there and people hear me speaking Spanish they’re going to lose their minds.

Future aspirations for Northlane, I can spill the beans a little and say that we’re starting to write our third record. It’s in the beginning stages but it’s something I’m definitely looking forward to. We’re experimenting with new sounds. I think it’s definitely going to help us break through to a new level of success.

What does the rest of 2014 have in store for Northlane?

We’ll be touring but then we have four months off to write and do pre-production and just have some much needed down time as well. The touring cycle can be rigorous and sometimes you just need space from your fellow band members and I miss my family terribly so it’ll be good to spend some time back home.

With being on tour for lengthy periods at a time what is one thing you must have on tour with you? It cannot be electronic.

I’m going to give a really weird answer to this, just bring yourself. Bring yourself because you’re going to want to be present during the tour and it can be busy. Sometimes what I like to do is leave the electronics behind, go for a walk and just be by myself and just remember that I have to enjoy being in my body and being here. It’s just the simple things about life and realizing that we live on an amazing planet where amazing, crazy things happen every day and we’re so lucky to be alive and to have our friends and family because unfortunately in some parts of the world people aren’t so lucky. Bring yourself and the good parts of who you are.

Our thanks to Northlane's Adrian Fitipaldes for the interview. Look for them on their European tour dates here. The 'Singularity' album is available at iTunes.