Here's a nice surprise for all you Of Mice & Men fans out there! Back in April, a new era of the band became officially underway as the group released "Unbreakable," their first new song since the departure of founding member and vocalist Austin Carlile as he continues his battle with Marfan Syndrome. Now, they've dropped a music video for their second new single, "Back to Me."

"Back to Me" takes a different mentality than the more aggressive "Unbreakable," foregoing the dual-threat vocals as bassist / vocalist Aaron Pauley sticks to his clean singing approach throughout the anthemic track. The song explodes over the chorus after a subdued verse, sticking with a more traditional arrangement that demonstrates the lighter side of Of Mice & Men.

"’Back to Me’ is a very meaningful song for us. When going through major life changes, whether it's loss or growth, it's incredibly easy to feel like you've lost a part of yourself — and like you'll never be yourself again," began Pauley. "I've come to believe that we can never truly lose ourselves. I believe we persist through these changes, and that if you can discover, tap into, and ignite your true passions, you'll always be able light the way back to you. We really wanted to put out ‘Back to Me’ as the follow up to ‘Unbreakable,’ because we wanted to reassure and encourage ourselves and others to press on when times get tough. ‘Let hope be everything that you need...’"

Upon the release of "Unbreakable," Carlile threw his support behind the band continuing without him. "People saying 'Of Mice is back'… we never went anywhere!!! Great job on new song guys, taking it back to sounding like the kings of screamo & metalcore again!!! After eight years of touring, four full albums, and over twelve members a part of this band up until this point so far… SO many people and hearts have made Of Mice what it is today… It has always been a group effort, it has always been about what everyone individually puts in or brings to the table to form the whole… @omandm isn’t just one or two people… It is many," he commented.

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