Of Mice & Men are continuing without Austin Carlile after the singer and founding member left the group in late December as he continues to battle Marfan Syndrome. However, it appears that Carlile is keeping busy, as well. Documenting his activities on Instagram, a new photo reveals that Carlile, who currently resides in Costa Rica, has been coaching youth baseball.

Carlile uploaded a series of photos (post below, scroll for more) the first of a young girl crouched on the ground in front of baseball equipment, all of which was donated. Among the items are baseballs, gloves and cleats, the latter of which came from the new coach's family as he explained, "The very best donation you can make is with your time..." Very thankful for my cousins in Arkansas sending down new shoes for our team though!! Most of us had never even worn cleats before!"

Offering an update on the team's progress, Carlile added, "We even moved from using a tee to live pitching (after NAILING one young batter it also forced me to become a better pitcher immediately haha!)"

Despite being afflicted with Marfan Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder, the ex-singer sees this as a welcome distraction from the complications of the disorder. "Even during all my procedures and treatments I look forward to teaching local baseball each week here because it helps heal the pain and nausea for those few hours we get to spend together and because I see a little bit of myself in every young person there," Carlile said.

Of Mice & Men recently made their live debut without Carlile up front and shared their first new song without their original singer shortly after. "Unbreakable" finds bassist-singer Aaron Pauley now handling both clean vocals and screams, with the band now pared down to a four-piece. Carlile has backed his former bandmates, proud that the Of Mice & Men name will live on, especially for the fans.

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