Of Mice & Men vocalist Austin Carlile, who recently was released from the hospital after undergoing multiple surgeries to deal with spinal tears related to his Marfan Syndrome, has been opening up about his experiences and he recently took part in a Twitter Q&A to promote Marfan Awareness in association with the Marfan Foundation.

During the chat, one fan asked Carlile what the first thing was that inspired him to keep going. The singer admitted to tearing up about the question, before delivering a lengthy post about his faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. Fans of the singer may remember that he was baptized earlier this year before returning to the road with his band for their summer tour.

"Honestly if I didn't have my personal relationship with Jesus Christ I wouldn't be able to do this. When my mother died I was SO angry at him and fell away from my faith," explained the singer. "It took years of him pulling me back into his loving arms. I was miserable without him."

The vocalist then detailed how lost he was after straying from his faith, adding, "I fell into depression, addiction, violence, promiscuous sex, and I even attempted suicide actually ... I've never shared that until now. I wanted to end the daily pain and end the hurt and the loss, but somehow I held on and now that I've fallen back to him and living IN love, and showing OTHERS LOVE, and LOVING HOW HE LOVED, man, my life has turned around."

Carlile continues, "My body still hurts, I still get sad, life can still 'totally suck, bro,' but I know this is all temporary, and that I can trust in my God to always be there for me. He always has. I'm simply following his lead and path and doing my best to share my story with others. If I can do it with his help, anyone can." Check out Carlile's full tweet below.

Elsewhere in his chat, Carlile reveals that he had over 30 major procedures and surgeries since he was born and was also very sick as a child. He also speaks about some some of the signs you might have Marfan Syndrome, his struggles in getting treated with the condition not being widely known, runs down his many injuries he's suffered and shares his reasons for bringing awareness to his condition. Keep up with Austin's discussions via his Twitter account and follow @MarfanFdn for more information.

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