It's been a rough year for Of Mice & Men vocalist Austin Carlile, who remains out of action. But rest assured, the rocker is taking steps to get himself healthy before returning to the stage. That latest step had him undergoing major hip surgery earlier this month.

Carlile posted photos from the surgery and an update on his current status via his Instagram account. "A few days ago on Jan. 5th I had major hip surgery up at Stanford University; (aka my favorite hospital with the best Marfan & cardiology teams in the country)," says Carlile. "They had to shave down my actual hip socket (due to its massive over growth), remove my femur, remove three cysts from femur, shave & RE-SHAPE femur, and THEN sew me back up. I've been on total bed rest ever since and will be for another week or so."

The vocalist continues, "After that, comes 2 months of physical therapy to get my strength & mobility back. Because of Marfan syndrome, my legs and hips are a constant issue for me (left foot/hip was repaired when I was young, now the right!) The surgery was one of the most painful I've had to date, but I'm so excited to recover and finally see some relief!! Living with Marfans is a constant war for me and my body, but we chalk this one up as a battle won, and on to the next!"

Carlile went on to thank his family and friends for their support and went on to offer an update on his future. "It's going to be a big year," says the singer. "This is just the first hurdle of many, but I'm ready. This gives me and Of Mice & Men the perfect opportunity to work on new music before we head into the studio to record a new album this year, which I couldn't be more excited about! 2016 let's go!" See Carlile's full commentary and posting below:

As previously stated, 2015 was a rough year for Carlile. The band shut down their touring with Linkin Park a few days early when the singer was hospitalized. He later underwent multiple surgeries to offer relief, having some of his rib removed in the process. Carlile also revealed that his dural sac in his brain tore during the tour, which also left him in pain.

He recently stated, "For the whole tour, any time I would inhale, my rib would pop out of my muscle and re-tear it -- and I'd have to pop it back in. The whole tour I was going from spinal epidural to spinal epidural just so I could tour, on top of the dural sac tear, so the tour was rough." Later in 2015, Carlile was also electrocuted by his microphone in the studio. Here's to hoping for better things ahead for Austin and his Of Mice & Men bandmates.

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