As the Dallas Cowboys get ready to hit the gridiron today for a heated rivalry matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles, they've got some unexpected support in their corner. Oh, Sleeper have just released a brief new song called "Cowboys" recorded as an ode to "America's Team."

"Get your mosh on with us and the Dallas Cowboys," stated the Fort Worth-based band, introducing the track on their social media. The post came with an artistic take on Cowboys signature star with the words "Bloodies / Unbowed" along with it.

Facebook: Oh, Sleeper
Facebook: Oh, Sleeper

The track clocks in at a mere :53 seconds, but it's in your face aggression, tribal beats and repetitive lyrics makes it the perfect rallying cry for the silver and navy blue. The song is currently available via Spotify.

The Cowboys and Eagles remain tied atop the NFC East standings going into today's matchup, with plenty of bulletin board material being exchanged amongst both teams in the lead up to the Sunday Night Football game of the week on NBC. There was no word if Oh, Sleeper's "Cowboys" anthem would be included in the on air coverage or in stadium playlist, but Cowboys fans are welcomed to get pumped by the new track.

Oh, Sleeper, "Cowboys"

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