Interested in getting your colon checked out by a doctor, but reluctant to pony up for the co-pay? Never fear, Ozzy's here. The Black Sabbath frontman and his wife Sharon are joining forces with CBS and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital for this year's CBS Cares Colonoscopy Sweepstakes, which will treat one winner to a three-day stay in New York City, complete with potentially lifesaving medical procedure.

"Ozzy and I are proud to be part of this innovative project by CBS," said Sharon, who filmed a PSA with Ozzy and 'Late Show with David Letterman' announcer Alan Kalter. "My life was saved by a colonoscopy that Ozzy urged me to have and I hope everyone who sees the campaign will enter the sweepstakes and talk to their doctor about the importance of screenings."

A contest whose grand prize is a colonoscopy might sound like a joke -- heck, the official contest site kicks off with the words "this is an actual sweepstakes" -- but there's no denying the importance of taking proactive health measures, especially as we age, and anything that helps raise awareness regarding the importance of early diagnosis is worth the effort.

As it happens, CBS is well aware of the humorous elements of its 11-week sweepstakes, and they're more than willing to use them to help get the point across. "By using humor to acknowledge some of the awkwardness surrounding an important medical screening, we expect to attract the attention of many viewers, which, in our opinion, is the foundation of a meaningful PSA campaign," said CBS exec Martin Franks. "We are pleased to be teaming up with NewYork-Presbyterian on this important and creative initiative."

To enter the sweepstakes, which ends March 31, visit CBS Cares. Watch Ozzy, Sharon, and Alan Kalter in the PSA below:

Watch the CBS Cares Colonoscopy Sweepstakes PSA

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