With Ozzy Osbourne starting the "No More Tours 2" trek, the Prince of Darkness is reflecting on his career and the musicians that have played a role in it. That includes his longtime Black Sabbath mates as well as those who have supported him as a solo artist, including an amazing string of scintillating guitar greats.

Speaking to us during a roundtable interview at his L.A. home yesterday (February 6), Osbourne had high praise for Zakk Wylde who has returned to his solo band for this run. "Zakk and I are family," Osbourne told us. "He's been with me longer than any other guitar players. He's great and his playing just blows me away. He's so articulate now."

Addressing his ability to find some of the best guitarists metal has to offer, Osbourne explained, "They find me. I've just been very lucky. Jake E. Lee was great. Randy [Rhoads] was unbelievable. When I was playing these shows with Zakk, I was just stunned at how amazing he's become. It's ridiculous now, and he lets you know it."

"I've always had great tours," Osbourne said.. "When I was with Black Sabbath and then I did Blizzard and Diary and we had Randy Rhoads. I miss him a lot. I often think of him still."

As for Black Sabbath's recent farewell, the singer states, "I didn't think I'd get emotional, but with the last gig we did in Birmingham. I got all emotional. It's the greatest love affair I've ever had in my life." He'd later add in the roundtable chat, "The only thing that I was sad about was that Bill Ward wasn't there. It would've been great for him to come up for a couple of songs. But we did the best we could and the crowd appreciated it."

Osbourne, with his current lineup of Zakk Wylde, Blasko, Tommy Clufetos and Adam Wakeman, will hit the road beginning April 27 in Jacksonville, Fla. at Welcome to Rockville. To see all of his dates, head here.

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