Although we're still a little over two weeks away from this year's Super Bowl on Feb. 12, commercials for the NFL's annual championship event have already started surfacing, such as this humorous 15-second spot from Workday where Ozzy Osbourne stars as an ordinary office worker in a collared shirt and tie.

"Who's the new guy?," asks one sweater vest-clad office worker to another, who replies, "I don't know, but he's supposed to be some kind of rock star."

Spinning around from behind his computer desk, Osbourne turns to his coworkers and asks, "Which one of you wants a piercing?" The two appear distraught, uncertain about how to answer the question and the man in the sweater vest then nervously points to his associate.

The screen goes black and the text appears, which reads, "On Sunday, February 12th, the corporate world will be rocked," ending with the Workday logo set against the black background.

The 15-second ad is essentially a teaser for the full minute-long ad expected to run during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, where Joan Jett and Gary Clark Jr. will also make cameo appearances to help bolster awareness for the workforce management software company, as reported by Variety.

Watch the commercial further down the page.

The 15 second spot is about as much time as Ozzy got on TV earlier this year when he performed two songs at halftime of the NFL season opener in which the Los Angeles Rams faced off against the Buffalo Bills. After a highly promoted appearance, the broadcast angered rock and metal fans by barely showing any of the performance.

This also isn't the first time the Price of Darkness has been featured in a Super Bowl commercial either. Back in 2011, he appeared in an ad for Best Buy to promote a 5G wireless service and a technology buy back program. Pop star Justin Bieber made a cameo as well and shills for 6G (it was a joke, we know 6G still isn't here), prompting Sharon Osbourne to ask, "What's a 6G?," while Ozzy infamously quipped, "What the fuck's a Bieber?" And it's still funny!

This year's Super Bowl contestants will be determined on Sunday (Jan. 30). The winners of the San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals games will advance to the championship for a shot to hoist the coveted Lombardi trophy.

Ozzy Osbourne in Workday Super Bowl Commercial

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