Palaye Royale are back with new music, revealing some inner turmoil in their new video for the track "Lonely" while also announcing that their third studio album, The Bastards, will arrive on May 29 via Sumerian Records.

"Lonely" was written by singer Remington Leith, who reveals that he had some tough times as a teen caused by others while trying to figure out who he was. "'Lonely' is about the mental and physical abuse I endured as a child. Growing up, I went through so much shit and at points felt so low I couldn't see a way out. It has effected me deeply throughout my life but I want the world to know that no matter what you're going through, if I can make it out on the other side, so can you," says the singer. The video for the track can be viewed at the bottom of this post.

"Lonely" is featured on the upcoming album The Bastards, a more personal record that has allowed the band to present a reflection of their own lives, but in a mythological sense.

Emerson Barrett says of the idea behind the record, “It takes place around the island of Obsidian and it’s set in 1888. In short, it’s a world that started off with intentions where the island encouraged free thinkers and artists to exist and, as everything does in life, eventually it becomes this political power and evil toxicity that comes with everything. To remain a true individual in the society, you must wear a gas mask.”

For the album, the band recorded in multiple locations. Sebastian Danzig states, “We rented an AirBnB in Joshua Tree, one in London, and we kept on going in little areas and writing new sections of the album. It’s crazy -- we thought the album was done in March of last year, and we did the heavy stuff in Joshua Tree. We wrote ‘Little Bastards’ a week before the album was supposed to be mixed and mastered.”

The record addresses a number of weighty issues, including struggles with mental health, the gun violence epidemic, substance use as a means to escape a difficult reality and parental abandonment. “We need a little honesty and a little truth. The world is getting so tainted by everyone trying to be so fucking perfect and so goddamn PG and trying to walk this line of not trying to offend anyone. People need to be themselves, just for 20 minutes at least,” Leith says.

Get a taste of "Lonely" below, and be sure to pick up The Bastards album. Pre-orders are available via the band's website and you can check out the artwork and track listing below.

Palaye Royale, "Lonely"

Palaye Royale, The Bastards Artwork + Track Listing

Sumerian Records
Sumerian Records

01 Little Bastards
02 Massacre, The New American Dream
03 Anxiety
04 Tonight Is the Night I Die
05 Lonely
06 Hang On to Yourself
07 Fucking With My Head
08 Nervous Breakdown
09 Nightmares
10 Masochist
11 Doom (Empty)
12 Black Sheep
13 Stay
14 Redeemer
15 Lord of Lies (Bonus track)

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