To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pantera's seventh studio album, 'Far Beyond Driven,' a new two-disc edition of the record will soon hit shelves. The upcoming anniversary edition of 'Far Beyond Driven,' due March 25, will include a newly remastered version of the original recordings along with a new live performance from the 1994 Monsters of Rock Festival.

The legacy of Pantera doesn't need to be explained, nor does the band's influence, but one fact you may not know is that 'Far Beyond Driven' debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard chart. The record also attained platinum status in the U.S. and became the fastest-selling album of Pantera's career. 'Far Beyond Driven' was also the first album where guitarist Darrell Abbott was referred to as 'Dimebag.'

The remastered version of 'Far Beyond Driven' contains all 12 songs from the original release, including fan favorites such as 'I'm Broken,' '5 Minutes Alone' and 'Slaughtered' along with the group's revered cover of Black Sabbath's 'Planet Caravan.'

Fans won't just be getting a remastered issue of 'Far Beyond Driven,' they'll receive a nine-track live performance from Pantera's 1994 Monsters of Rock Festival set. Check out the full track list below.

Pantera's 'Far Beyond Driven' 20th Anniversary Edition will become available March 25 via Rhino.

Pantera, 'Far Beyond Driven' 20th Anniversary Edition Track Listing:

Disc One – Original Album Remastered:

1. “Strength Beyond Strength”
2. “Becoming”
3. “5 Minutes Alone”
4. “I’m Broken”
5. “Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills”
6. “Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks”
7. “Slaughtered”
8. “25 Years”
9. “Shedding Skin”
10. “Use My Third Arm”
11. “Throes Of Rejection”
12. “Planet Caravan”

Disc Two – Far Beyond Bootleg - Monsters of Rock Festival '94:

1. “Use My Third Arm”
2. “Walk”
3. “Strength Beyond Strength”
4. “Domination/Hollow”
5. “Slaughtered”
6. “Fucking Hostile”
7. “This Love”
8. “Mouth For War”
9. “Cowboys From Hell”