Who knew Philip Anselmo had such soul? Bill McClintock, that's who! The mash-up master has found that Pantera's "Mouth for War" can fit rather easily into the rhythmic guitar and percussion base of the Bill Withers classic "Use Me."

McClintock not only lines up the music, but pulls together video clips of both Withers playing with his band back in the day and Anselmo belting with intensity over the funky beat with video from the "Mouth of War" clip. And just when you think it was perfectly melded and couldn't use anything more, the mash-up artist throws in some Ted Nugent soloing for good measure.

It's a well-done mash-up on all fronts from the audio to the video and definitely brings a new perspective to how we view this in-your-face Pantera favorite.

Over the past year, McClintock has built up an impressive YouTube channel mixing the likes of Black Sabbath with Chicago, Disturbed with Ricky Martin, Van Halen with Whitney Houston and Aerosmith with The Temptations among others. See more of his work here.

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