Pantera are the latest metal band to get in the merch game in an effort to help promote social distancing as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread worldwide. They've just released a limited edition Vulgar Display of Power-styled shirt bearing the "Walk" lyric, "Be yourself, by yourself, stay away from me."

The iconic album art has been reworked to express precautions currently being taken to limit the spread of the coronavirus, which has now infected over one million people around the globe, claiming more than 60,000 lives thus far. A latex glove is wrapped around the extended fist, which connects with its target that has now been outfitted with a surgical mask.

Pantera's new shirt design will ship in about three week and is selling for $30 with 40 percent of the proceeds being donated to the MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund to aid musical artists impacted by the coronavirus, which has essentially shut down the touring business.

View the shirt toward the bottom of the page and head here to purchase.

World leaders and leading health officials have urged people to stay home to limit the rate of spread of the coronavirus, which is overwhelming healthcare systems in hard-hit areas. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the White House has now advised all Americans cover their face (mouth and nose) when out in public while still maintaining a distance of six feet from one another.

Officials have urged citizens to cover their face using a cloth rather than general surgical masks and N95 respirator masks as these resources, which are in short supply, must be made most available to healthcare professionals on the front lines of the coronavirus battle. For further information on wearing a face mask, visit the CDC's website.

For a list of best practices in mitigating the spread of the virus, head to the World Health Organization's website.

Pantera Social Distancing Shirt

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