Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals are set to embark on their first-ever tour beginning July 31 in Tulsa, Okla. Anselmo and the boys are sure to play plenty of material from the act's debut album, 'Walk Through Exits Only' (due July 16), but if you could hand-pick your dream Anselmo set list, which Pantera, Superjoint Ritual and Down songs would you add?

A steady stream of material has been rolling out from 'Walk Through Exits Only,' and we were honored to debut the album's title track along with the official music video for 'Bedridden.' No matter how positive the fan response to 'Walk Through Exits Only' will be, touring off only one album doesn't make for the longest set list. We have no idea what Anselmo's live performance will entail, but if he was to break out some gems from the past, which songs would you be dying to hear?

Pantera need no introduction. The band evolved into the massively aggressive act we celebrate today with the release of 'Cowboys from Hell' in 1990 and 'A Vulgar Display of Power' in 1992. In 2000, 'Reinventing the Steel' was unleashed, which acted as Pantera's last stand.

As Pantera began to dissolve, Anselmo threw his energy into the hardcore / crossover thrash project Superjoint Ritual, releasing two full-length albums before splitting in 2004. All the while, Phil Anselmo was working with New Orleans sludge masters Down as well, having released three studio albums and one EP since 1995.

Mr. Anselmo has a phenomenal catalog of songs to his name, so hypothetically, if the vocalist's new project was to add one Pantera song, one Superjoint Ritual track and one Down cut to its set, which tracks would you choose? Let your choices be known in the polls below! And be sure to catch Philip Anselmo & the Illegals on their 'Technicians of Distortion' tour this summer. Tickets are available here.