Former Pantera bassist Rex Brown has voiced his support for a tribute tour to the legendary metal band with whom he once performed. Precisely, one that would involve both himself and fellow Pantera alum Philip Anselmo as well as the musical talent of Ozzy Osbourne and Black Label Society guitarist Zakk Wylde.

On Monday (March 2), Brown responded to Loudwire's Twitter post that pointed to a recent article highlighting such a proposal. Last week, Rita Haney, the longtime girlfriend of late Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, said she would be okay with the potential tour among the three musicians meant as a tribute.

"I wanna make sure that [people] understand what I'm about to tweet," Brown explained this week. "It's not up to Rita to say what will happen, only what Philip [and] I say … I'm in!! Dig?!?!?"

Last month, Haney said she "definitely would [be okay with a tour]. I'd wanna be at every show." However, she stopped short of recommending a Pantera reunion beyond that suggestion.

She added, "But as far as trying to put Pantera back together? No, that's distasteful without those other guys. But I think as a tribute, it would be a really great thing because I know, from a fan's point, if I hadn't been able to see them play or hear those songs - I can imagine other people as well, I think it's great that they could at least see it performed, and by people that truly love 'em. So, yeah, I think it would be a really cool thing."

Both Anselmo and Wylde have previously appeared receptive to the idea. Recently, Anselmo has been performing Pantera songs in concert with his current act, Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals.

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