We know how you love your Pantera — that easy-going sound with a gentle up-picked island charm that could wash away all the troubles of the world. Wait, you don't? Have you given it a chance? The incredible Andy Rehfeldt has once gain struck gold, taking Philip Anselmo's vocal track from the Vulgar Display of Power hit "Walk" and dropping it over a reggae version of the classic track.

First off, Rehfeldt acknowledges the humorous intent behind the video, stating, "RIP Dimebag Darrell. If he can see this from the other side, I hope he get's a good laugh from it. When I found the vocal track, reggae was the first thing I thought of, so I did it. A loungy swing version would also be great lol," going on to explain he arranged, performed and produced the music.

Gone is the bottom-heavy riffing of Dimebag, with his signature guitar tone abandoned in favor of a clean tone invoking visions of clear blue ocean waves colliding with the shore as the sun beams from above, hovering in a crisp, blue and cloudless sky. We're not suggesting Pantera should have gone the reggae route from the beginning, but the mash-up works well and demonstrates the fluid nature of music.

Rehfeldt worked some magic earlier in the year when he transformed Ozzy Osbourne's "Over the Mountain" into a rousing ska romp. The YouTube star has also created some of the most gut-busting videos, turning extreme metal songs into 'Radio Disney' versions.

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