Simply put, it's appearing as though Papa Roach's Crooked Teeth will have quite a bite! The band has unveiled yet another new track ahead of the May 19 release of their latest studio album. The song is called "None of the Above" and it definitely has a message!

The song starts off innocently enough, with a Tony Palermo steady beat being the primary backing behind Jacoby Shaddix's vocals. It's not long before the dissatisfaction of our modern day world spills out in Shaddix's lyrics, as he sings about "another generation bleeding out." Soon, Jerry Horton's guitars and a more aggressive vocal approach from Shaddix take the song up to another level.

"Take me to church / Cause I've been blessed with a curse / I arrived in a limo, left in a hearse," belts Shaddix, adding, "Speaking in tongues / Feels like we're coming undone / Don't want no part of this / None of the above." This marks the second track off the album that seems to have a more political tone, following on the heels of "American Dreams."

Papa Roach have also issued the title track, the chart-topping single "Help" as well as "Born for Greatness" and "Periscope" ahead of the album's release. If you like what you hear, the Crooked Teeth album is available to pre-order via Amazon, iTunes and the band's Pledge Music site. And look for Papa Roach on tour in support of the album at these stops.

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