Papa Roach have continued to "face everything and rise" through an ever evolving and successful career, but their next album will see them taking on an even bigger challenge as Jacoby Shaddix reveals to RockSound TV (seen below), "We are the record company for this one."

Shaddix revealed that the band has taken a more active role in the overall release of their music, entering into a partnership with Warner/ADA to issue their next record.

"While in quarantine, we negotiated a record deal, so we're with a new company for this next album and we're excited about that. We are the record company for this one," explained the singer. "We are in partnership with Warner/ADA, and so it's like an artist services group. And we're gonna do that for an album and see how it works out. We've been super focused in the creative marketing behind what we do and the imaging and the videos and the messaging and everything, we were, like, let's take it in our hands and see where we can go with it and try it for an album."

The quarantine period has given the group more time to focus on new music, and the singer reveals, "We've been doing a lot of writing and recording. Everybody's got their own rigs at their place. We went down to L.A. for 10 days on the low and just were getting together and making noise and making music."

He continued, "We wanna come out of this experience with a bunch of content and creative stuff to flood the people with, because it's important for us to maintain a creative flow and a creative dialogue between the members. We've been doing it so long, I feel like if we stop, then that's it. So we've gotta keep it going, man. There's no shortage of things to sing about, talk about, write about, scream about, croon about."

Shaddix said they still had a few ideas lying around from previous records to finish, but most of the new material was conceived on the spot. Elaborating on their recent sessions, he added, "We got in a room together, and the dialogue amongst the band was just, like, if we make something that just seems safe right now, it just doesn't seem right. We have to make something that expresses how unglued and unhinged we feel. And I guess 'safe' just wasn't the mode. We went in and wrote this track that's, like, P-Roach meets System of a Down meets Devo. And we walked away and we were, like, 'Oh my God.' I played it for my kids and my wife when I came home, and everybody was, like, 'That's fire. That's sick.'"

Throwing in another band to describe the track, Shaddix added, "There's something nutty about where it's almost got, in a sense, a little Enter Shikari-ness to it. I've been a big fan of those guys and just how kind of kooky they are. They've always been nuts. They've been an influence on me as a creative person for some years. Not to say that the whole record will sound like that, because we never sound like one thing."

Just last month, Shaddix revealed that the band was eyeing an "early 2021" release for their next album.

Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix Speaks With RockSound TV

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