When Papa Roach recently announced they had finished their album via a video chat, the guys also mentioned that the one detail that they frequently had the hardest time with was coming up with a title.

Fortunately, the boys settled on 'The Connection' not long after, which meant that things could move forward on the packaging and artwork for the album. Even though 'The Connection' isn't due in stores until Oct. 2, it's proving to be a big week for the band. P-Roach just debuted their new single 'Still Swingin',' and now they're giving audiences another tasty morsel with a video detailing the creation of their album artwork.

The three-minute-plus clip showcases the initial skeletal cranium drawn for the artwork, and through time-lapse photography, it takes the viewer through the various shading, angle options, and eventually into a computer generated creation of the final album art.

Meanwhile, the entire process is soundtracked by the new single, 'Still Swingin'.' An official video for the song will be released in the coming weeks, but this cover art creation clip makes an interesting placeholder until the video is complete. And if you like, 'Still Swingin',' be sure to pick it up at iTunes here.