Pearl Jam may have a new single out, but it could be a while longer before the band issues their next studio album. While speaking on the Kyle Meredith With ... podcast, bassist Jeff Ament laid out the timeline for when fans should probably be on the lookout for their next disc.

According to Ament, Pearl Jam need "a good solid six to eight weeks carved out where we're just recording all these ideas that we have." He adds that that likely won't occur until the fall after they've completed their summer touring.

“The one thing we have working against us is the upcoming tour, the other thing we have working against us is it takes three or four months to do a vinyl version of any record," the bassist stated, before adding, “2019 is probably safe to say” for when it will arrive.

Pearl Jam issued the politically-charged "Can't Deny Me" this spring and Ament explained, "There's a lot to be inspired by and a lot to be pissed off about.”

With Pearl Jam about to focus on their next disc, Ament has used his time in the past year to work on a new solo album. Heaven/Hell was just released this past week.

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