Pearl Jam continue to leave fans with memorable moments as their current tour has crossed the border into Canada. During their Tuesday night (May 10) performance in Canada, the band continued their recent trend of performing full albums delivering their Binaural disc in full, while earlier in the week (May 5) in Quebec City, Pearl Jam welcomed a young guitarist to the stage to perform with them.

During the Toronto performance, Pearl Jam opened their show with a trio of high energy tracks -- "Go," "Do the Evolution" and "Mind Your Manners" -- before transitioning into Binaural. Opening with "Breakerfall," then playing "Gods' Dice," "Evacuation" and "Light Years," the full album challenge became apparent. Fan-shot video of the song "Of the Girl" can be seen above, while "Sleight of Hand" can be seen below. For the latter, the band had a bit of a false start, with Eddie Vedder laughing it off, telling the crowd, "The thing about vinyl records is sometimes they skip."

This marks the third time the band has played an album in full on this tour, previously taking on Ten in Philadelphia and Vs. in Greenville, S.C. In total, the band played 29 songs for the Toronto crowd, working in covers of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" and John Lennon's "Imagine" among their original tracks. Keeping things fresh, they finished out their set with "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town," "Given to Fly" and "State of Love and Trust" during their second and final encore of the night.

And while Binaural may have struck a chord with longtime fans at the Toronto show, the band also made a lasting memory for a kid during their Quebec City show on May 5. Ten-year-old Noah Keeley from Bay Harbor, Maine attended the show with his parents, and was spotted in the crowd by Eddie Vedder while holding up a sign that said, "1st Show: 'Sad' Makes Me Happy."

According to the Portland Press Herald, the boy's parents had sent the band a message and a link of a video clip in which young Noah was seen learning the song "Sad" from his father. “I saw a clip of him playing it with his pop,” Vedder told the crowd. “He played it much better than I could have. Crazy. I asked him if he wanted to play it and he said, ‘I might die.’ So, no pressure.”

“I literally thought it was a dream for a second,” Noah told the paper. “Then I realized it’s really happening and I just tried to have fun.” As can be seen in the video below, the group brought Noah to the stage, had him perched on a chair and gave him a guitar as he joined the group on the song, at one point getting a chance to take the lead. After the performance, the guys took a few minutes to speak with him and gave him a pocket full of guitar picks. Later in the show, the band dedicated their cover of Cheap Trick's "Surrender" to Noah's parents. Watch video of Noah's performance below.

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