Make a mental note. Do not share a ride with Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament. The bassist has just released a new video for "Safe in the Car," that is anything but. The musician is seen throughout the clip behind the wheel, while an array of natural disasters appear to be hot on his tail.

Ament directed the clip, but producer Greg Twigg and director of photography Mark Shogren provide more of the disturbing look, with the bassist seeming almost animated and shaded in gray as he attempts to flee floods, fires, glacial advancement, mudslides and more that are hot on his trail. Ironically, Ament is sporting a hat that says "Faith" as destruction closes in on him. "I can't gloss it / I can't stop it when it comes for you," warns the bassist toward the end of the clip, summing up this dystopian future.

"I was seeing Cormac McCarthy's The Road – you're driving to the coast and you're trying to get away from the nuclear winter and you have your dogs in the car and you're just trying to escape this horrible apocalypse that just happened," said Ament to Rolling Stone about the clip. "[The directors] asked me what I wanted [the video] to look like and the first thing that came to mind was grindhouse. I always loved the super high-contrast, dark look of that. It's the world coming to an end and trying to have a sense of humor about it."

Ament is joined on the track by his Pearl Jam brethren Matt Cameron on drums and Mike McCready on guitar, while Angel Olsen provides a contrasting female vocal to the song as well and a backing string section accentuate the vibe of the song.

"Safe in the Car" appears on Ament's upcoming solo set, Heaven/Hell. The disc is due May 10 and is available for pre-order here.

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