The global pandemic has everyone's attention at the moment, but Pearl Jam envisioned an environmental apocalypse coming even before coronavirus became part of our lexicon. The band addresses their concerns and fears in the new song "Quick Escape," which just arrived ahead of Friday's (March 27) release of the Gigaton album.

The harder rocking track is pushed forward by a heavy beat and a chugging bass line that sets the tone. Eddie Vedder does land a "Trump" shot in the song, speaking of traveling the world to find a place where the president's environmental view had not affected as of yet ("The lengths we had to go to then / To find a place Trump hadn’t fucked up yet"). Ultimately, the song ends with discussion of having to leave this planet because of environmental crisis with only the ability to reflect on the good ol' days.

"Quick Escape" is the third full track to arrive from Gigaton, following "Dance of the Clairvoyants" and "Superblood Wolfmoon." However, the band has offered a preview of the full Gigaton record for those wanting to hear music early by calling a hotline at (585) 207-3275 (that's (585) 20-PEARL).

Pearl Jam had grand plans to roll out the album, initially sending fans on a scavenger hunt to find the artwork, using technology to have fans aim their phones at the moon to hear a preview of "Superblood Wolfmoon" and intending to provide an immersive listening and viewing experience for their new record in theaters. The latter event didn't happen due to the coronavirus pandemic and their spring tour is currently postponed until the health emergency is contained. However, a new Pearl Jam album will be arriving this Friday, so enjoy.

In other news, Pearl Jam have also launched a "Quick Escape" arcade-like video game to go along with the song. Enjoy the Space Invaders-esque adventure here and pre-order the GIgaton album at this location.

Check out the lyrics and video for "Quick Escape" below:

Reconnaissance on the corner
In the old world, not so far
First we took an aeroplane
Then a boat to Zanzibar

Queen cranking on the blaster
And Mercury did rise
Came along where we all belonged
You were yours and I was mine

Yeah, yeah

(Had to) Quick escape
(Had to) Quick escape
(Had to) Quick escape

Crossed the border to Morocco
Kashmir to Marrakech
The lengths we had to go to then
To find a place Trump hadn't fucked up yet

Living life on the back porch
Lifting rocks to make a wage
Every sunset paid attention to
Not a starry night went to waste

(Had to) Quick escape
(Had to) Quick escape
(Had to) Quick escape

And here we are, the red planet
Craters across the skyline
A sleep sack in a bivouac
And a Kerouac sense of time

Oh, and we think about the old days
Of green grass, sky and red wine
Should've known, so fragile
And avoided this one-way flight

(Had to) Quick escape
(Had to) Quick escape
(Had to) Quick escape
(Had to)

Pearl Jam, "Quick Escape"

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