Australian metal icon Peter Hobbs of Hobbs' Angel of Death has died at the age of 58, according to an update from Blabbermouth and confirmed by the official Facebook page of the thrash metal band.

Hobbs died Monday (Oct. 21) at his home in Queensland, Australia, where the guitarist and vocalist had recently relocated from Melbourne. Hobbs' Angel of Death was first formed by the namesake musician in 1987 before issuing three studio albums alongside a handful of demos and other releases, going by information obtained from Metal Archives. At this time, Hobbs' cause of death has not been made clear. See the band's salute to the musician toward the bottom of this post.

"In loving memory of Peter Hobbs," Angel of Death shared online early Monday. "See you in hell brother. RESPECT!" The update followed a post from September that indicated Hobbs was working on new material.

It was in 2016 that Hobbs' Angel of Death released their latest studio album, Heaven Bled. The comeback effort from the Australian metal crew followed a 1988 self-titled debut and its 1995 follow-up, Inheritance.

But it was in Melbourne-based metal metal act Tyrus that Hobbs first made his mark on music. Following his own band's formation, however, the early demos Angel of Death and Virgin Metal Invasion From Down Under emerged in 1987 and 1988, respectively.  Subsequent releases from Hobbs' Angel of Death included various split releases and the 2003 compilation Hobbs' Satan's Crusade.

According to a biography located on the group's Bandcamp page, Hobbs' Angel of Death were "one of the more unsung cult favorites of '80s metal. Hailing from Australia many years before it was cool to do so," the band eventually reformed in 2002 to "play a number of European festivals and scattered tour dates over the next decade."

All of us at Loudwire wish to offer our condolences to Hobbs' family, friends and bandmates.

Hobbs' Angel of Death Live in Tampa, Florida - Nov. 1, 2014

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