Phil Anselmo is a busy man. While we spoke to the singer about the 20th anniversary reissue of Pantera's 'Vulgar Display of Power,' we also asked about Down's upcoming planned series of EPs. Turns out that there are lots of ideas floating around, with one EP recorded and ready to go.

"We just finished an EP, yes," Anselmo told Loudwire." That is done. It's mastered, done, finished. I'm waiting on Pepper [Keenan's] artwork so I can take a good look at that. We'll be doing a short [tour] run ... this month. 10 days out in tertiary markets, to get our sea legs under us, so we can be ready for touring this fall. Expect that record no later mid-summer or early, early, early fall at the f---ing latest."

He acknowledged that reports on a series of EPs "is a bunch of talk and f---ing ideas. They are good ideas, nonetheless. Down, the way I describe it, it is a genre band. When you are in a genre band, there are rules. There are borders you cannot cross. You have to be true to the genre itself. It is a subgenre within a subgenre within a subgenre. Southern Black Sabbath slash doom slash a million different things but it's really one thing. As for the EPs, the other material, we've spoken about, this, that, the other, but as far as sitting down and doing it, we only have one in the can."

Since Anselmo is never one to rest on his laurels, he does have yet another project in the works in the form of his first solo album. "My solo record is recorded and has one more mix to go," he said. The project will be called, simply, Philip H. Anselmo, and the album title is 'Walk Through Exits Only.'

He finished, "It is the most deadly motherf---ing thing I have done. I cannot wait for people to hear it. If you like what I do or what I have done, this might be on of your up and coming favorites. I found a guitar player that is just out of his mind. I've actually known him for a long time, as long as Dime. Dime gave his respect to him, as well, and he is a great, sweet guy."

If that's the case, we definitely can't wait to hear it.

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