To say the least, it was a tumultuous album cycle for AC/DC in support of the Rock or Bust disc, and there is plenty of question of whether the band will continue with guitarist Angus Young being the lone original member of the group still playing. But estranged drummer Phil Rudd is in favor of the band continuing.

Rudd appeared on the Rich Davenport Rock Show (heard in the player below), and during his chat he was asked his thoughts on whether or not Young should discontinue the band. "No, I don't think that's a good idea," stated the drummer. "Angus has never played better [than he did] on the Rock Or Bust album. He's playing f--king great. What's he gonna give it up for? That's like f--king Napoleon not finding somewhere else to f--king conquer."

The eroding of AC/DC's longtime classic lineup began shortly before the recording of Rock or Bust, with guitarist Malcolm Young stepping down while dealing with dementia. Nephew Stevie Young subbed in for Malcolm. Rudd's exit also made plenty of headlines, as shortly after he recorded on the album he was arrested and later sentenced to eight months of home detention after pleading guilty to charges of threatening to kill and drug possession. He was eventually replaced for touring by Chris Slade, who previously drummed for the band in the early '90s.

Singer Brian Johnson started the Rock or Bust touring, but was later advised by doctors to stop playing concerts or risk permanent hearing loss. The band eventually called upon Axl Rose to help fulfill their remaining tour dates. And finally, bassist Cliff Williams revealed that upon completion of their touring that he was retiring.

Angus Young has yet to state whether or not he will continue with AC/DC beyond their recent touring, but if he did, it would leave open the door for Rudd to return after missing all of the touring for the recent disc. The drummer has completed his sentence and has started booking shows in support of his 2014 solo album Head Job.

Hear more of Phil Rudd's chat with the Rich Davenport Rock Show below.

Phil Rudd Chats With the Rich Davenport Rock Show

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