We’re thrilled to announce the return of the animated Loudwire original series Epic Rock Tales! We’re kicking things off properly with Pantera legend Philip Anselmo narrating the time he pooped his white spandex pants while performing onstage.

This tale takes place in 1986, long before Anselmo found his role as Pantera’s powerhouse vocalist. Phil was still in his glam phase, which meant big hair, silk, leather and spandex. On this fateful night, Anselmo was feeling ill and was taking mountains of Vitamin C to ease his condition. Unfortunately, Phil didn’t know taking the vitamin in excess can lead to explosive rivers of intestinal sludge.

“The first big, belting high note I went to hit, I s—t bright orange stool,” Anselmo recalls. “And I knew it happened, so I waited for the guitar solo and walked backwards off the stage.” Thankfully, you won’t have to use your imagination to get a picture of the craptastrophe. We recreated the moment in cartoon form!

Anselmo didn’t abandon his band, however. He instead borrowed a fellow glam musician’s “worn, sweaty spandex.” The nightmare wasn’t over for Phil, unfortunately, as Anselmo found himself regretting his new choice of spandex. You’ll see what we mean in the animation.

Check out our Philip Anselmo Epic Rock Tale above and stay tuned for more new episodes of Epic Rock Tales coming your way every Tuesday! Watch episodes from Season One of Epic Rock Tales below.

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