When it comes to metal, Pantera's 'Walk' has become one of the most enduring anthems in the history of the genre. In a video that was quietly posted a year ago on YouTube but has just started to circulate recently, you can hear one of the elements that make the song a classic -- Philip Anselmo's vocal track in all of its isolated glory (listen above).

Yes, it's hard to imagine Anselmo's vocals without the driving Dimebag Darrell guitar and the hypnotic rhythm section of Rex Brown and Vinnie Paul behind it. Your mind likely generates it somewhat even when hearing Anselmo's vocals. But this gives you a glimpse into how Anselmo commanded the mic on this track.

Anselmo's voice comes booming through as he delivers the vocals with pure passion, and this isolated take lets you pick up a few other nuances that might not come through with the full band behind it.

After listening to Anselmo's take, see how it all comes together in the full version, which has been provided below. 'Walk' appeared on Pantera's 1992 classic, 'Vulgar Display of Power.'

Pantera, 'Walk'

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