It may not be the full-on Pantera reunion that many have clamored for, but it's as close as you'll get for now. Kill Devil Hill, performing at Rock on the Range over the weekend, staged a mini-Pantera reunion as Philip Anselmo, who was performing with Down later in the day, joined his onetime bandmate Rex Brown for a blistering rendition of 'Mouth for War' for fans attending the festival.

Frontman Dewey Bragg riled up the crowd just before the performance asking how many Pantera fans there were in the audience. Given that Rex Brown is part of the band, it could have been just the group paying homage to the bassist's past with their own cover, and it certainly started off that way. But after the first verse, Pantera's own Philip Anselmo tagged in, taking over vocals from Bragg. Footage was captured by Grand Rapids' WGRD-FM and can be seen in the video above. Anselmo takes the stage at approximately 1:55 into the clip.

Anselmo then proceeded to give Bragg a hug at the end of the track, then made his way around to each of the band members before embracing Rex Brown and exiting the stage.

After the performance, Brown and Bragg spoke with Boise's 100.3 The X about the surprise performance. Brown revealed how happy he was with an opening spot at the festival and having the chance to kick off the festivities. "We tore it the f--- up," said Brown. "That was a great slot, just to get it roaring right from the f---ing gate. It was wild, and I've never seen Anselmo up before one o'clock in the afternoon, and there he was, about 10 minutes before the set."

The bassist continued, "We had 'Mouth for War' in the set anyway, so I asked him, 'Dude, do you want to sing?' and he said, 'Yep,' and then we went and f---ing so it is."

Watch Kill Devil Hill's Rex Brown + Dewey Bragg at Rock on the Range (via Boise's 100.3 The X)