Pantera's landmark album 'Far Beyond Driven' is 20 years old, and to celebrate the milestone, vocalist Philip Anselmo has filmed a total of 10 videos going in-depth about the album's lyrical content. In this chapter, Anselmo discusses a falling out with his father and how he turned the situation into '25 Years.'

The 20th anniversary edition of 'Far Beyond Driven' has just hit stores! Along with a remastered cut of the album, the record contains audio of Pantera's 1994 Monsters of Rock gig.

As for '25 Years,' the track is one of Pantera's most personal songs, as Anselmo describes in this exclusive video. "'25 Years' was written about my father," the singer begins. "And at the time [I] had a gigantic falling-out with him and I resented the f--- out of him and wrote a beautiful song about it."

Anselmo continues, "It was a time capsule of how far he and I had not come, and I think a lot of fans could relate with the dysfunctional family vibe. I think I put in some pretty clever wording here and there, and it might be that wording that they had been searching for themselves for quite a while when it comes to anger."

Watch Phil's entire testimony in the video above and stay tuned for more exclusive video premieres throughout the week.

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