Here's another exclusive look into Pantera's seventh studio album, 'Far Beyond Driven.' Starring the one-and-only Philip Anselmo, the Pantera vocalist takes us further into the record once again with a recollection of 'Use My Third Arm.'

'Far Beyond Driven' is absolutely packed with killer tracks, so to celebrate the album's newly released 20th anniversary edition, we're rolling out a total of 10 videos from the viewpoint of Philip Anselmo.

"A song like 'Use My Third Arm'… sometimes I just go off on just, tangents," Anselmo explains. "It's almost like a formulated temper tantrum over aimless things. Try and find the dead target on that song and I'll shake your hand, because I really don't know. It might take a psychologist or something. It's a temper tantrum, really, put to music."

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