Even the most battle born metalheads can appreciate the lighter side of music. When Pantera / Down legend Philip Anselmo isn't attempting to cave in the front of his skull with a microphone, the vocalist enjoys kicking back and listening to indie icons the Smiths. However, Anselmo's taste for the band has taken an interesting turn, as he and comedian Dave Hill performed a cover of the Smiths' 'Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want.'

It's no secret that Anselmo is fond of the Smiths. The roaring singer even spoke in-depth about the band during a recent interview with Radio.com. "The Smiths are humorous, the Smiths are poppy when they want to be, but they're also very grim at times," Anselmo says. "And I think that maybe the more grim stuff might appeal to heavy metallers in a way. You think you know depression, grimness and self-loathing? Listen to Morrissey."

Anselmo adds, "I think that they're heavy in their own way. I always say extreme music comes in all genres. They are an extreme band in the same way the Beatles were extreme or Queen was extreme. The Smiths should be held in that lofty position as well."

Right after Anselmo and Dave Hill screened their 'Metal Grasshopper' web series at New Orleans venue One Eyed Jacks, the duo tackled 'Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want' for the crowd. Of course, Anselmo put his own touch on the song, so check it out for yourself in video above.

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