The tributes have come in throughout the weekend from many of Vinnie Paul's peers, and his current bandmates in Hellyeah have issued their public statement, but what of Paul's estranged Pantera bandmates?

Singer Philip Anselmo has posted a simple photo of a lit candle without commentary to his social media. See the posting below.

Tensions between bandmates eventually brought Pantera to a split in the early 2000s and the death of Vinnie Paul's brother Dimebag Darrell only widened the divide, especially between Paul and singer Philip Anselmo. Despite public pleas by Anselmo to reopen the lines of communication, Paul expressed no interest in speaking with the singer ever again.

In our late 2016 chat with Paul for his Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction segment, he briefly addressed the relationship with Anselmo, "I"m not [interested] and that's all we need to say about that."

Anselmo, meanwhile, kept the door open should Vinnie ever change his mind, while also praising Paul in a late 2016 chat. "He was always a business guy, very very very very smart businessman, and his playing goes without saying. He was great in the studio, can't stress it enough. He was really, really knowledgeable," stated Anselmo of his time working with Paul, adding that he was "very encouraging and easy to work with."

Meanwhile, Pantera bassist Rex Brown has also commented via social media, but admitted, "The last few days have been very difficult and painful," stating that he needed more time to process his feelings and that a formal press release will be coming soon.

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