Pantera legend Philip Anselmo has come under fire for alleged racist behavior. At this year's Dimebash charity event, Anselmo threw a nazi salute to the crowd before screaming "white power!" after a performance of Pantera's "Walk."

The fifth annual Dimebash charity gig, paying tribute to late Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, was held Jan. 22 in Hollywood, Calif. and featured iconic musicians like former Pantera bassist Rex Brown, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo and many others. The myriad of musicians came together to perform metal classics and raise money for the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund.

Dimebash attendee and YouTube user Chris R had posted handheld footage shot from Dimebash shortly after the concert, purposely cutting out Anselmo's nazi salute and "white power" declaration from "Walk." However, the YouTube user had a change of heart and chose to isolate the moment. "I originally cut this from my first post of WALK but i feel people deserve to see this!" Chris R writes. "A very sad moment and to me ruined the night! This is not what Pantera is about!!! Absolutely uncalled for and I can see why Vinnie Paul wants nothing to do with this man. Phil Anselmo you are a Racist prick!!"

Philip Anselmo actually responded in the comments section of the clip via Housecore Records' YouTube account:

Ok folks, I'll own this one, but dammit, I was joking, and the "inside joke of the night" was because we were drinking f---ing white wine, hahaha...
Of all f---ing things.
Some of y'all need to thicken up your skin.
There's plenty of f---ers to pick on with a more realistic agenda.
I f---ing love everyone, I f---ing loathe everyone, and that's that.
No apologies from me.
PHA '16

Anselmo has faced accusations of racism in the past, most notably from a white pride speech Phil delivered in March 1995 while onstage with Pantera. Anselmo has also spoken out against racism, like in an MTV interview shot during Pantera's Far Beyond Driven era. "Kids that come to our shows and yell 'white power'… all I've got to say about that is I ain't them kids," Anselmo said.

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