Party rock icon Andrew W.K. has shared a series of photos of himself, none of which feature him in his usual white t-shirt and pants, proving the frontman does have color choices in his wardrobe. And no, the colors here are not a pizza sauce stain, nor are they oil dripping from the pepperoni on top of this pizza.

Our question, however, is, "Who is this man and what has he done with the real Andrew W.K.?" For decades, the party rock extraordinaire has had perhaps the simplest wardrobe in all of rock and had us firmly believing that his closet looked like a rarely revealed cartoon's character's closet (or the late Peter Steele's), stuffed with a line of the exact same outfit.

In a newly-uploaded series of photos on Instagram, Andrew W.K. highlighted a handful of other looks, starting with a suave and ponderous image of him dressed in all black. It could be an evil twin, but the lack of a mischievous, pencil-thin mustache has us convinced this is indeed the enigmatic rocker.

Next up in the photo set is a button down, blue shirt followed by a sophisticated shot of Andrew W.K. in a black and white checkered shirt, grey pants and black boots, still pensive though. After that, we get an at-home shot where he toys with a lamp, decked out in a green polo and, finally, a picture of his 2005 New York state driver's license.

If you dig around the Internet hard enough, you can stumble upon an image or two of Andrew W.K. wearing something other than white, but this Instagram slideshow below is an undisputed jackpot.

Back in February, the rocker revealed that his new album was on the way and that he was making tweaks and final adjustments to the mixes of the new songs. His most recent record, You're Not Alone, was issued in 2018.


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