Never has something so wrong been so right! Don't let the tight haircuts and vintage threads fool you, Mr. Bowling Alley manager, those Pierce the Veil lads are ready to incite feelings the people just may not be ready for, and it all plays out over the course of the band's new "Floral & Fading" video.

Directed by Ethan Lader, the clip finds the band invited to perform their Misadventures song at a bowling alley, given a less than enthusiastic intro from the bowling alley manager and not given much of a look before they start playing. After all, singer Vic Fuentes isn't looking his usual rocker-ish self with a Beatles-esque haircut and a flowered black shirt, while the rest of the band have their afros and vintage clothing also flying in the face of a traditional rocker look.

But as they begin to play, ears start to perk up by those who came to roll. Kids start to wander over from their lanes and break out into slow dancing and even some makeout sessions before one simple bump starts a melee. Next thing you know, all sorts of chaos breaks out, leading the manager to intervene and try to shut it down.

As for the song itself, it's one of the more melodic and catchy tracks you'll ever come across from Pierce the Veil, and is definitely one of the standouts on the band's well-received Misadventures album. The disc did quite well in our 20 Best Rock Albums of 2016 list.

Will Pierce the Veil generate the kind of reaction they did in the "Floral & Fading" video when they hit the road later this month? Be sure to get out to a show to find out. They start their trek with Falling in Reverse on Feb. 17 in Eugene, Ore. Dates for the run can be found here.

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