Over the past 48 hours, two women have taken to social media to accuse Mike Fuentes, drummer and co-founder of popular rock band Pierce the Veil, of inappropriate sexual conduct, including allegations of sexual activities with a minor.

On Tuesday, a Twitter user, @punkdoll, posted on behalf of a friend who claimed in a detailed note that she entered into a sexual relationship with Fuentes when she was 16 years old, and Fuentes was 23 (the age of consent in California, where the initial sexual encounter took place, is 18). The girl, who has remained anonymous, alleges that the two met on MySpace when she was 15 years old. When she was 16, Fuentes invited her to a show in Anaheim, Calif. at the venue Chain Reaction.There, the two first made out, and thereafter continued to text each other daily. Fuentes would tell her "how bad he wanted her," and later a friend of hers messaged him to let him know she was only 16. After the girl admitted her age to Fuentes, she claims he replied, "Haha I don't care babe.” Her story then recounts the two of them having sex at the Pomona Warped Tour show in 2008, while she was still 16. Their sexual relationship, which included explicit video chats, continued into 2010.

Her published accusation included iChat screengrabs of Fuentes' genitals (blurred out), revealing the same tattoos as found in his press shots.

Fuentes and Shannon Bray, 2008

Another woman, Shannon Bray, 23, posted on Twitter about a number of interactions she had with Fuentes while she was a minor. "For anyone who doesn't believe the accusations coming out today: MIKE FUENTES asked me for nudes when I was FIFTEEN," she wrote.

Bray told Loudwire that she met Fuentes in 2008. "I went to Warped Tour and met Mike at their signing. I said, 'Oh my god, I’m a big fan.’ He’s like, 'Cool, are you doing anything today? Do you want to hang out?' I remember ditching my friends, holding his hand and walking around Warped Tour. I was 14."

"When we parted ways, and he said, 'Let me get your phone number.' So we texted for a while, and he’d always say things like, 'I was too nervous to kiss you, but next time I will.' He never kissed me or anything; the furthest he went was holding my hand. We hung out until I was 15, still never doing anything other than holding hands. I remember him texting me, 'I have a question for you. Will you date me? You should send me pics ;).’ I specifically remember not knowing what he meant, so I sent him a picture of me smiling. And then he said, ‘No, not that kind of pic,’ and then I didn’t respond. Our relationship fizzled out, we didn’t talk after that."

Loudwire has reached out to @punkdoll for comment. Pierce the Veil's PR representative told Loudwire that, “As of right now, there isn't a statement from the band or management." Read the accuser's note in full, below.