How is this band not signed yet? Polynesian metal band Shepherds Reign dropped a new track, “Le Manu” right after Christmas, and it’s currently blowing up on YouTube.

Shepherds Reign is a five-piece metal band from New Zealand. Made up of five musicians of Pacific, Maori and Asian descent, the South Auckland metallers put Pacific Island influence into their music, absolutely crushing with their newest cut.

With “Le Manu,” Shepherds Reign take Samoan-language warrior lyrics and mix it with thrash and groove metal. Despite no label backing or promotion, the stunning video for “Le Manu” has accumulated over 360,000 views since its release Dec. 26.

“I’ve always been inspired by real virtuosic musicians. Virtuosic players are what grab my attention. Doesn’t really matter about the genre to me,” drummer Shaymen Rameka tells NZ Musician.

Frontman Filiva’a James adds, “I write the best when I’m emotionally down, so it’s always true what I sing about. Family suicide or just broken up with someone. That always kicks your arse, so to start writing about it is the best thing I can do… It’s not only me that can sing it. Anyone can listen to the song and be like, ‘I love this song, it’s on my buzz right now.’”

Shepherds Reign is yet another band making waves with world music, following breakout acts such as the Hu and Alien Weaponry. Check out Shepherds Reign’s new video for “Le Manu” below and follow the band on Facebook.

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