Pop Evil’s latest disc ‘Onyx’ came out of the gates swinging with the first single ‘Trenches’ steadily climbing up the charts and eventually landing the No. 1 spot on the active rock radio chart. The accompanying video for ‘Trenches’ served as Part 3 of a trilogy, being told in reverse by the band, with Parts 1 and 2 still to come.

In a new video trailer (seen above), Pop Evil are teasing fans with the next installments of the video trilogy. Part 2 is focused around their second single ‘Deal With the Devil,’ impacting radio on Aug. 20, while Part 1 will feature the song 'Behind Closed Doors.'

The video for ‘Deal With the Devil’ will also premiere on Aug. 20 and continue to formulate the story that revolves around a theme based on addiction and abuse, with a healthy dose of rocking out throughout.

The first video combined the intense story line intertwined with performance clips and only time will tell where the second video takes fans. This 30-second teaser video doesn’t offer up too much in terms of the actual story but it does provide some adrenaline-fueled imagery of what’s still to come.

Pop Evil are currently working on finalizing the details upcoming fall tour run. Stay tuned for all of the dates and locations. In the meantime, you can order the album 'Onyx' here.