Now here's exactly what you need to kick your day into gear! It's time to get to know Powerflo, though many of the names in this band should already be familiar. The group features Cypress Hill's Sen Dog, Downset guitarist Roy Lozano, Biohazard guitarist Billy Graziadei, former Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolberts and Worst drummer Fernando Schaefer, and together they're teaming up with Loudwire for the exclusive premiere of their video for "Victim of Circumstance."

The group is a mix of hip-hop, metal, punk and rock, but all parts aggression. Fans will get to hear the full brunt of that when the band's self-titled debut disc arrives on June 23 via New Damage Records.

As for the video, Graziadei did the honors, directing the clip for his band and what you get is a mix of performance complete with jarring visuals and a little bit of the lyrics thrown in for good measure.

Speaking about the track, Sen Dog tells us, “I wrote the song after watching a few episodes of one of my favorite TV shows, The First 48, which is a show about people getting caught up in street life and eventually getting twisted up by the Feds or local law enforcement. This show depicts how f--ked up most of the kids in America’s inner cities got it … the loss of innocent life along with outright cold-blooded murderers who have chosen to kill at will. The result of their offenses affects not just their victim’s family but whole communities."

As stated, Powerflo's self-titled debut drops June 23 via New Damage Records. You can pre-order the album via iTunes and you'll receive "Resistance" and "Victim of Circumstance" as instant tracks. The disc is also available to pre-order via New Damage Records and via the band's PledgeMusic page, with a variety of bundle options to choose from.

The band has also booked a June 15 performance at the Viper Room in Los Angeles just ahead of the new album release. More tour dates are expected, so stay tuned to Powerflo's Facebook page for details.

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