Music and protests have always gone hand in hand. Cranking up a good protest song helps draw attention to the cause and can become a rallying cry. AC/DC's 'Highway To Hell' isn't your typical protest song, but it was just used by protestors in Utah who oppose a proposed freeway.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, emotions ran high Tuesday (June 11) at at a public hearing in Farmington, Utah, on the proposed West Davis Corridor. Inside the meeting proponents and opponents of the road spoke their piece, while outside protestors cranked up AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell.'

'Highway to Hell' is the title track to AC/DC's 1979 album, and was the last record vocalist Bon Scott appeared on before his death. There's a fundraising campaign underway in Scott's hometown of Kirriemuir, Scotland to pay for a statue of the late, great singer. AC/DC have thrown their support behind the effort.

There are still two public hearings to be held on the highway project. The opponents already have their protest song, but how about the freeway supporters? Here's one that might work: