John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten to Sex Pistols fans, returned to the New York stage for a show at Playstation Theater in the heart of Times Square with his band Public Image Ltd.

Lydon donned a black-and-white, horizontal-striped outfit from head to toe looking like a charismatic lawbreaker. At nearly 60-years-old Lydon is still a badass. Beer, wine and bourbon lined the stage behind him as he performed.

Public Image Ltd. are on tour in support of their first album in three years -- What the World Needs Now. The new track “Double Trouble” led the night and was also performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert the evening following the New York City show.

The band went on to crank out other fresh tunes like “Know Now,” “Betty Page,” “Corporate,” “The One” and “Shoom.” Nearly half the set was made up of new material and the intimate crowd seemed to dig it.

Public Image Ltd. have amassed ten studio albums spanning over three decades from 1978 until now, so don’t show up expecting to hear a Sex Pistols song. In a live setting you’ll get something far more unexpected and experimental, something stimulating and unique. Needless to say what the world needs now is for musicians like John Lydon to keep doing what he does best and that is … whatever the hell he feels like doing.

Check out our photos of Public Image Ltd. rocking out in NYC in our gallery above.

Watch Public Image Ltd's "Double Trouble" Video:

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