The troubling year for Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin continues, as the rock singer has just been arrested for allegedly vandalizing a Los Angeles neighbor's property with a buzz saw and a sledgehammer.

TMZ reports that the 41-year-old Scantlin was busted for destroying property while on his neighbor's patio. The 'Blurry' singer apparently used a buzz saw (also known as a circular saw), although it's not clear what exact property the rocker destroyed. He also allegedly struck a brick wall with a sledgehammer, claiming the neighbor's wall infringed on his own property. He was arrested on charges of felony vandalism when police officers arrived at the scene.

Scantlin's arrest is the latest in a series of legal problems that have plagued the rock frontman over the past couple of years. In summer 2012, Scantlin pled guilty to cocaine possession and was ordered into a drug counseling program. Later in the year, he was busted for public intoxication on an airplane, but later cleared of those charges.

This year, Scantlin was busted on warrants when he was stopped for speeding in May, and then a week later was arrested on charges of attacking his ex-wife.

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