As reported recently, Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin was arrested on Sept. 4 after an alleged altercation with a Jet Blue flight attendant forced a plane scheduled to fly from Boston to Los Angeles to divert by landing at in Austin, Texas, instead. Now, the musician not only claims that he was wrongfully arrested, but that cops roughed him up in the process.

Original reports suggested Scantlin was intoxicated and threw a fit when a flight attendant refused to serve him a beer. In a new video interview with TMZ, the singer guitarist says he was perfectly sober when he tried to purchase one beer on the flight.

"When a grown man cannot purchase a beer on a five-hour flight from Boston to L.A., then the airlines are completely losing their minds," Scantlin tells TMZ. "I was arrested for being sober on an airplane, trying to purchase a beer on Jet Blue."

Scantlin adds that he felt like having a beer after a two-hour nap and that the flight attendant got "an attitude" with him.

After the plane was diverted, Scantlin claims that he was roughed up by cops at the airport in Austin, even lifting up his shirt to show TMZ's cameraman his bruises.

When told by TMZ's reporter that passengers on that flight were offered a $50 voucher, Scantlin quipped, "You're not gonna get any beer [with that money], that's for damn sure!"

Watch Wes Scantlin Tell His Side of the Story Regarding His Airplane Arrest

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